Transfer from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Thuan

Currently, because Ninh Thuan does not have a civilian airport, if you want to travel to Ninh Thuan by plane, you will land at  Cam Ranh Airport  (Khanh Hoa Province), then catch a car to Ninh Thuan. So, from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Thuan, what means of transport are there? Join the tour to find out through the article below.

Ninh Thuan is one of the famous tourist destinations in the South Central region, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Because this land not only owns famous beaches such as Vinh Hy, Binh Son … but it also has the Cham Pa culture with the famous Cham tower.

Transfer from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Thuan
1. How far is Cam Ranh airport from Ninh Thuan?

Cam Ranh Airport is located in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province. Located about 80km from the center of Ninh Thuan province.

Distance from Cam Ranh airport to some famous tourist spots in Ninh Thuan:

When you move from Cam Ranh airport to Thong Nhat street (an old and central road in Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan) near Phan Rang market, the distance is nearly 65km by road.

Distance from Cam Ranh airport to Phan Rang – Thap Cham: 65km by road or 100km by coastal road

When you move from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Chu beach, Binh Son beach, the distance is nearly 67km by car. Binh Son Beach, Ninh Chu is a beautiful beach and is located near the city center. Phan Rang – Thap Cham.

Distance from Cam Ranh airport to Binh Son Beach, Ninh Chu: 67km

When tourists plan to visit and stay at Vinh Hy Bay in Ninh Thuan. When landing at Cam Ranh airport, you can rent a car to go along the coastal route to Vinh Hy Bay. The distance from Cam Ranh airport to Vinh Hy Bay is nearly 61km by road, along the coast of Binh Tien and Binh Hung, so the pass is a bit steep and winding. So you should pay attention to prepare if you get motion sickness, but even better, you can see the beautiful scenery from the mountain to the sea when you go this route.

Vinh Hy Bay: 60km
2. How long is Cam Ranh airport from Ninh Thuan?

According to many years’ experience of transferring from Cam Ranh airport to Phan Rang, the distance from Phan Rang to Cam Ranh airport is about 65km, with a travel time of 75 minutes with the National Highway 1A route. This road through National Highway 1A is widened, traffic is clear, the road is narrow, some sections through Cam Ranh area have many bends, drivers should slow down and pay careful attention.

3. Means of transportation from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Thuan

Hiring a full taxi or contract car to move from Cam Ranh airport to Ninh Thuan will save you more time, you can go directly from the airport without having to move through many stages or wait for until the time the bus or train runs. The price of renting a taxi/private car with a package contract usually ranges from VND 900,000 to VND 2,000,000 depending on the type of vehicle from 4 seats to 16 seats.

Because the price is quite high, taxi or airport shuttle will be more suitable when you go in a large group or in case you need to go in a hurry, without much waiting time.

Airport transfer service Phan Rang Tour
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