Ninh Thuan Tourist Place P.5

1. The cog railway line Phan Rang – Da Lat

About 25km from Da Lat center is Cau Dat station, located at an altitude of about 1600m above sea level. The whole railway route has 11 stations, of which Lam Dong has 7 stations and Ninh Thuan has 4 stations, running parallel to National Highway 27.
The train line Da Lat – Thap Cham was built in 1908 connecting Lam Dong and Ninh Thuan provinces. In 1972, due to the war, the railway was closed. And this is one of the places for those who like to experience and explore on their journey.

2. Ngoan Muc Pass – Ninh Thuan tourist destination in Dalat

Ngoan Muc Pass connects the two cities of Phan Rang and Da Lat, with many sharp and precarious turns. Ngoan Muc Pass runs along the steep mountainside, connecting Ninh Son valley and Langbiang plateau. The backpackers will go through 4 very sharp bends, conquering soft winding roads, walking on steep cliffs.
Standing on the top, visitors will see that Ngoan Muc Pass is a majestic natural picture, looming green pine trees.

3. Chapo Bac Ai Waterfall – a pristine Ninh Thuan tourist destination

Although you have to go through the “suffering road” to come to one of these “beautiful tourist attractions in Ninh Thuan”, nature will reward you for your efforts with a poetic view of Chapo waterfall.
The waterfall is like a beautiful fairy among the majestic green mountains and a temperate climate that is very suitable for overnight camping. What are you waiting for without joining your virtual friends in this ideal setting?.

4. Phuoc Binh National Park – a peaceful tourist destination in Ninh Thuan

Phuoc Binh National Park is located in Phuoc Binh commune, Bac Ai district, to get here, visitors move in the direction of National Highway 27 to Ninh Son about 36 km, turn right to Highway 27B about 1 km, then turn to left to DT656 and then go straight in the direction of the sea.
Try to experience once riding a motorbike on enchanting robbery roads, sometimes going to the abyss, sometimes running along the Cai River, which is pouring water rumbling downstream, sometimes bewildered by the golden scenery. of the forest trees along the road, you will surely have many indescribable emotions. Phuoc Binh forest has cool, fresh air and wild nature.

5. SAKAI eco-tourism area

Sakai waterfall eco-tourism area is located in Lam Son commune, Ninh Son district. Not only a new eco-tourism area, but also an attractive destination for tourists. The green Sakai eco-tourism area attracts tourists to have fun and relax.

6. Lam Son Fruit Garden

The famous fruit garden in Lam Son commune is located at the foot of Song Pha pass and about 12km from the center of Ninh Son district (Ninh Thuan province) to the west. On the road from Phan Rang to Da Lat around the beginning of June, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Lam Son fruit garden with gardens of mangosteen, jackfruit, durian, and rambutan, which are beginning to bear the first fruits of the season with fragrance. The colors will hold visitors back when coming here.
Just visit and enjoy watching as well as enjoying the sweet fruit that is starting to ripen. Not only can you see and enjoy, visitors can also buy a variety of fresh and attractive fruits at affordable prices to bring back as gifts for relatives, family and friends.
Visitors will be immersed in the fresh green of the garden and meet the gentle, friendly and hospitable farmers.

7. Dap Lam Cam Ecotourism

Dap Lam Cam 7.4m high was built 15 km from Cai river mouth. The cross-section of the dam upstream is 3 km with a water flow of about 1.5-2.0 million m3 in the dry season and is supplemented with about 12m3/s of flow from Song Pha hydropower plant.

8. Buffalo Forest Stream

Located about 40 km from Phan Rang – Thap Cham town to the northwest, the mountains around the Horn Trau stream still retain their primitive features, and the Horn Trau Stream in Phuoc Chien highland commune is becoming an attractive eco-tourism destination for tourists. attract tourists near and far.
Coming to Horn Trau stream, visitors have the feeling of living in a peaceful and beautiful green space. The cool and clear spring water comes from the Green Mountains (local people call it Cho Du). The never-ending flow of Horn Trau spring water is the main source of water that makes up the majestic Song Trau lake irrigation project downstream.