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1. Mui Dinh Lighthouse – Ninh Thuan tourist destination to watch the beautiful sunrise

The wild and mysterious beauty is what this Mui Dinh Lighthouse has. Standing on the rocky beaches and admiring the clear beauty of the sea to feel each stretch of sand, there is nothing more ideal.
Come with your loved ones to this  beautiful tourist spot in Ninh Thuan . There is much more waiting for you to discover.

2. Son Hai Sand Dunes – beautiful Ninh Thuan tourist destination

Although it is not far from the emerging destination of Mui Dinh, it is only a few steps away, but Son Hai sand dunes are little noticed by tourists. Partly because they are afraid of the road, partly because they are afraid of the sun and wind, flying sand, and burning sand dunes.

Son Hai sand dunes are vast, running as far as the fishing village of Son Hai, far away from the mountains running close to the hills, creating a majestic scene. The sand dunes are more than ten meters high, the wind blows, the sand flies in waves, filling the footsteps of tourists who have just passed.

3. Nam Cuong Sand Dunes

Only 8km southeast of Phan Rang – Thap Cham City, you will quickly arrive at Tuan Tu hamlet – An Hai commune – Ninh Phuoc district. Coming here in the early morning is nothing more wonderful.
And the golden shine of the sand mixed with the sunset is really romantic. The golden event of Dai Cat and the image of Cham people living is the most discovered tourist attraction in Ninh Thuan.

4. Son Hai Mongolian Village – Tanyoli . Tourist Area

Tanyoli adventure sports resort is located in Son Hai village, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, on a beautiful coastal road. Adventure sports resort Tanyoli has a construction area of ​​15 hectares with a lot of diverse fun activities.
Coming here, visitors can experience games such as High wire, Zipline, archery, conquer the sandy desert by large distributed terrain vehicles or participate in conquering No Name Mountain to experience the feeling of survival in the region. 300 days of sunshine.
This place is also known as the Mongolian village with the wild, rustic beauty of the sunny and windy land, a sub-desert with undulating rocky mountains.

5. Bai Trang – Ninh Thuan tourist destination near Mui Dinh

A favorite spot of many young people located under Mui Dinh is Bai Trang, fine white sand, ideal for overnight camping trips to watch the stars, organize a party with friends on the weekend. It is a great camping place to have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery while inhaling the feeling of cold dew and sea breeze in the night.

6. Sea route 701 Ca Na – Phan Rang

No less than DT702, the DT701 coastal road connecting Phan Rang city to  Ca Na  with a length of about 50 km is also very popular with backpackers. This is a road built with the purpose of connecting two future nuclear plants of Ninh Thuan province, so tourism is not developed here.
But that’s why it still retains its original wild look. DT701 has been completed and put into use for only 2 years, so the road is very new, beautiful and empty.
The most prominent feature on this coastal road is the  Dinh Cape  and  Dinh Cape Lighthouse  famous for its clear blue sea which is likened to glass. And yet, you can also visit and explore  Ca Na lagoon,  Son Hai fishing village,  Nam Cuong sand dunes, sheep fields…

7. Ca Na Beach – Ninh Thuan tourist destination in the South

Ca Na is blessed with a clear blue sea surface with white sand beaches that has captivated many tourists. Dubbed the sleeping princess, the beach has a spring color and freshness like the rays of the morning sun.
The waves resting on the cliffs reminding of an ancient Cham culture are an ideal stop when you travel in Ninh Thuan.
Stop here, walk on the fine sand and wade into the sea about 20m, you can see the coral clusters, and the granite rapids are very eye-catching.

8. Hanging Lake at Chua Mountain

Nui Chua hanging lake is considered one of the great tourist attractions located in the heart of Nui Chua and promises that this will be an exciting experience for those who love to explore in the forest.
The lake bed is located between the sliding areas on the top of the mountain, surrounded by primeval forest trees reflecting on the lake bed.
Going in the dry season, the water in the lake stores very little, mainly from the water blocks in the mountain pouring out, revealing rocks with different shapes, creating a charming scene right on the top of Chua mountain. Hanging lake is considered the most beautiful in the rainy season when the green color of the vegetation covers.

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